Typical malfunctions of automatic transmission and manual transmission: causes, diagnosis and repair

Experienced car owners know that if you carry out preventive maintenance on a car in time, you can avoid many problems and save on expensive repairs. But not always even experienced drivers can recognize some breakdowns, and when the problem becomes obvious, repair or replacement of mechanisms is necessary.

The most common problem is a gearbox failure. To identify a breakdown, you need to contact a car service: here will carry out diagnostics and repair of automatic transmission, manual transmission or clutch replacement if necessary.

Causes of gearbox breakdowns

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The driver can recognize some malfunctions on his own: by noise unusual for a car, the smell of burning, car slippage or oil leakage. With any of these signs, the owner of the car tries to contact the service station as soon as possible, because he knows that this should not be delayed. Sometimes a small breakdown can turn into a big problem. What causes a gearbox failure:

  • The most common is oil problems. This is the use of low quality oil, the presence of water in the automatic transmission units, contamination of the valve body, or oil leakage.
  • Incorrect operation. Frequent off-road driving, bumps and ditches, in water or puddles, as well as driving in high gears and low speeds, can cause gearbox components to fail.
  • Repair errors. Most often this happens if the driver tries to repair the gearbox components on his own or when using low-quality spare parts.
  • Rare car maintenance, especially for older cars.

Any breakdown is easier to prevent than to repair. Therefore, you should be more attentive to the needs of your iron friend and do timely service at the service station.

How to diagnose and repair a gearbox

There are many reasons for the failure of the gearbox: this includes breakdowns of the mechanics, and electrics, and the valve body. The most famous are clutch failures and improper functioning of the backstage. It is impossible to fix such breakdowns on your own, so it is better to turn to experienced specialists. The car service provides the following services:

  • conducting visual, computer diagnostics or test drive;
  • disassembly of the gearbox, inspection and troubleshooting;
  • elimination of breakdowns, repair or replacement of faulty mechanisms;
  • checking the operation of the transmission after repair.

With proper operation, the gearbox can last quite a long time, however, experts recommend that the cooling system be prevented and the transmission fluids replaced at least every 40,000 km.

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