Neuropsychologist: direction of activity and way of doing

Neuropsychologist: direction of activity and way of doing A neuropsychologist examines and corrects the functioning of various psychological functions in a person. In simple words, this means that the physician relies in his own work on knowledge about the formation and proper functioning of the brain. Such information helps to find the reasons for the lag or problems with development, and also to prepare special exercises that activate the correct work of one or another psychological function.

Who has the opportunity to aspire to Center of neuropsychology?

Now sessions with a neuropsychologist especially needed for the younger generation. Problems with the development and functioning of the brain can occur according to various factors, but the main ones include:

  • traumatism in the process of hereditary activity;
  • the results of the lack of air in the fetus during uterine development;
  • negative results of the introduction of anesthesia;
  • severe course of diseases at a young age;
  • traumatic brain injury.

The change in the peculiarities of society has no less negative impact, for example, constant computer games replace communication with peers in real time, a reduced amount of time spent outside gadgets. The specialist provides assistance with such violations:

  1. delay, damage to speech, mental formation. In such a situation, it is also necessary speech pathologist;
  2. perinatal encephalopathy (history);
  3. hyperactivity;
  4. autism;
  5. logoneurosis (in elementary words, stammering);
  6. dysgraphia, dyslexia;
  7. attention deficit disorder;
  8. problems with schooling.

Features of the work of a neuropsychologist The method of elimination of a specialist includes intellectual and physiological exercises. Treatment of patients with disorders or developmental delays is carried out in the absence of prescribing drugs. A prerequisite is the study of a small patient. During the diagnosis at the initial stage of training, the neuropsychologist does not use devices, so the process is completely safe for children. Basically, the child is supposed to perform various tasks, for example, understand and reproduce a sequence of words or objects, draw a picture, arrange an image from fragments, and almost everything else. Interest is also paid to the peculiarities of the course of pregnancy, delivery and early development of the patient. Based on the information received, the specialist will be able to draw conclusions and find the causes of violations, create a corrective class of classes. The duration directly depends on almost all factors, including the number of critical problems, age.

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