What type of cargo transportation to choose?

Transport is an important part of the supply chain. This allows you to ship and receive goods of all kinds on a daily basis. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right way to transport goods. Depending on the various criteria that will affect the delivery of goods, you must find the method of logistics transport that best suits your needs. Costs and time are not the only parameters to consider. Let’s decipher the various possible ways of transporting goods together.

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What type of cargo transportation to choose?

Road transport: the most common way to transport goods

This is the most used land transport not only in France but throughout the world. If you think about it, even if you choose another mode of transportation, such as air, rail or sea freight, you still need a heavy vehicle to deliver the goods to the final destination and drive the last kilometers.

This is also a solution that has the great advantage of being straight forward. All types of goods can be transported: hazardous materials, perishable products, goods requiring controlled transportation temperature. Loading and unloading goods is easy, and in terms of time, road transport is reliable.

Advantages of road transport:

it is an economical type of logistics transport;
ideal if you are looking for an expedition with a short and direct route.

the ecological footprint and CO2 emissions are high;
delivery time depends on traffic intensity.
Railway transport
In France, the rail network is the second mode of land transport used for the transport of goods. France has a large railway network. At the international level, for example, in Russia or the USA, this method of transporting goods is more common due to the large distances that must be covered.

Transportation by train is ideal for you if you want to transport large volumes of goods or bulk products, and especially if you need to send them over long distances.

Advantages of road transport:

very profitable financially, and with an excellent price-quality ratio;
low environmental impact;
reliable transport: there are fewer accidents than with other modes of transport.

delivery times are longer, from 1 to 3 days longer compared to road transport.

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