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Do you really believe the rumors that the gas cylinder is dangerous?

4 true debunks of this myth

  1. The thickness of the walls of the gas cylinder is 3 mm (for comparison, the gas tank has 1.5 mm)
  2. A safety system is installed on gas cylinders for cars (that is, it will not explode even if it leaks)
  3. In fact, gasoline ignites faster than gas (which means it is theoretically more dangerous)
  4. The safety of the HBO gas cylinder is regularly checked

So why do HBO cylinders explode? Because of the negligence of the driver!

  • Cylinder HBO fake or low quality
  • Its expiration date has expired
  • Incorrect unreliable fastening
  • Avoiding Security Attestations

Buy a cylinder at Milano Ukraine — reduce the risk of explosion by 99.9%

  • High-quality HBO cylinders from the best manufacturers
    • quality certificates
    • no chance of forgery
    • guarantee up to 2 years
  • Installation at a specialized gas service station by experienced craftsmen

    Attempts to save money and put a car cylinder at a dubious garage service station often end in failure. We provide our customers with professional and reliable installation at an official gas station, the masters of which regularly attend master classes from manufacturers.

  • Assistance with mandatory safety assessments

    Drivers are often deterred by this protracted bureaucratic process. But our clients from Kharkiv pass certification in just one day, without wasting their time and effort. Therefore, they are always confident in the safety of the HBO cylinder.

  • Pleasant prices from the manufacturer

Cylinder HBO Kharkiv

«… He travels and is constantly nervous. He was getting really paranoid. How about a leak? What if the gas cylinder is a fake? What if the fasteners are unreliable, and it just disappears? He watches videos of explosions on YouTube every day, and becomes obsessed with his fear…»

The other one doesn’t bother at all. No cylinder, no expiration date, no fixtures, no certifications, no possible leaks. And then BAM!!! — the gas cylinder takes and explodes.

None of them are our clients. After all, Milano Ukraine customers are sure of the quality of the HBO cylinder, the reliability of the fastenings, and the safety after the passed certification. They really have nothing to worry about. Their gas cylinder is 99.9% reliable.

Awesome opportunity!

You choose the delivery service! Beloved, proven, the one whose branch is closest to home. Or the one whose cost of services is most acceptable to you. This is important, because the cargo will be quite heavy when there is a HBO cylinder inside the package. The shipping price often scares away from the purchase, which is why we have a great offer for you!

Call our consultant right now and he will help you choose the best HBO cylinder for your car

  • Toroidal balloon
    • Propane
    • (spare tank)
  • Cylindrical balloon

Order today to get your balloon as soon as possible!

HBO cylinder low price, quality assurance from the manufacturer

Have you finally made the right decision to install HBO in your car? The most important thing to decide first of all is which gas cylinder you want to put on the car. You can buy a gas tank for methane or propane. According to its structure, one of them is natural gas, and the other is synthetic fuel, the essential difference between them is that one of them takes up less space, and the second one is more profitable in terms of gas consumption. It is from this that car owners are repelled when choosing HBO cylinders for a car.

HBO propane cylinders can be in the form of a cylinder and «under the spare tire». Cylindrical gas cylinder can vary greatly in volume, from 20 to 200 liters. The gas cylinder of the maximum volume is quite bulky, so you need to build on how much space you have in the car. The gas container for the spare tire has the shape of a spare wheel and is also placed in its place. On the one hand, this is a very convenient placement, and on the other hand, you lose the opportunity to always have a spare tire with you. But the cylinder for methane gas can only be cylindrical.

The Milano Ukraine online store provides car owners with a wide selection of methane and propane cylinders. In our online market, you can buy cheap gas cylinders of various sizes.

Cylinders for HBO buy with delivery in Ukraine

A wide range of goods, the best price for the Ukrainian market and the best quality — all this at Milano Ukraine, in the Ukrainian online store of advanced gas equipment. Everyone who wants to switch to gas will be able to choose for himself a gas vessel of any volume for all generations of LPG.

You can place an order at any time, you can fill the basket even at night, but we will be able to contact you the next day. Car owners of Ukraine can choose a propane or methane vessel of a suitable volume from those items that are presented in the sections of Milano Ukraine. Having sent the required cylinder to the virtual basket of the buyer, you can immediately proceed to placing an order. Choose all the necessary spare parts and parts, there are no restrictions. All cylinders presented at Milano Ukraine can be used for the 2nd generation of HBO, for the most current 4th, and even for the latest 5th.

If necessary, cylinders can also be ordered by phone. Contacts for free communication with our managers are here. In addition to making a purchase, they will be able to help you with such questions: how is the delivery, how you can pay, is it possible to return, are there quality certificates, etc.


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