How to repair an exchange generator —

Truck electrics are an extremely important element in the proper functioning of all mechanisms. Truck service technicians identify three main problems with electrical equipment in trucks and buses: damaged wiring, starter and alternator failures. You can find out more about this by clicking on the link.

How to repair an exchange generator -

1. A modern truck is tens of kilometers of wires assembled into thick bundles and branched along the length of the car. There are so many wiring harnesses in the truck that you simply cannot do without a professional electrician with diagnostic equipment.
The main reason for the failure of electrical equipment is a violation of the connection of contacts and wires due to oxidation, friction of beams, accumulation of dirt and water ingress. In addition, the failure of at least one or two contacts (wires) can lead to serious failures of many electrical systems of the car.

Service technicians perform the following types of electrical wiring repairs:

Search and repair of breaks in electrical wiring

— restoration of electrical wiring after short circuits and breaks
— electrical wiring repair
— replacement and repair of harness
– lighting repair

2. The starter plays an important role in the operation of the truck

It is thanks to his work that the engine starts.
During the transportation of goods, trucks can make many stops, and the car engine is turned off and restarted. This directly increases the load on the truck starter. Let its work be short-term, but the force of mechanical loads that fall on it is significant, which leads to wear of the main elements of the device. Starter failures usually occur at the most inopportune moment: the engine does not start, only relay clicks are heard, the starter starts. Starter diagnostics is an inevitable part of the repair procedures that every driver goes through.

3. The generator is rightfully considered the «second heart» of the car. Its task is to generate electricity for the operation of electrical appliances and automotive electronics, as well as for charging the battery. A malfunction of the generator leads to the impossibility of long-term operation of the truck, since the capacity of the battery is very limited. The generator of a heavy-duty vehicle experiences significant loads, as a result of which, over time, it needs to be repaired or completely replaced. To prevent the breakdown of the generator from finding you on the road, it is necessary to periodically diagnose and troubleshoot in a timely manner.

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