Everything you need to know about car subwoofers

Music lovers behind the wheel love to equip their car with a quality system. A subwoofer, also called a subwoofer, offers a wonderful musical experience by optimizing the sound of the speakers through better reproduction of nuances. However, there are many subwoofers: flat subwoofers, expensive subwoofers, powerful subwoofers, aesthetic subwoofers that need to be selected according to several criteria such as subwoofer type, sensitivity, maximum power output… Follow our guidelines to find the perfect subwoofer! You can order subwoofers at https://dbshop.ru.

Everything you need to know about car subwoofers

What is a subwoofer used for?

If you are passionate about music, you need a subwoofer in your car. This will allow you to fully appreciate the music you listen to during your travels. The subwoofer improves the overall car audio system by balancing and softening the sound. The bass is only better and does not drown out other sounds.

box type
There are several types of subwoofers: active subwoofers, passive subwoofers, active subwoofers, and those that are not.

The active subwoofer includes its own gain as well as an adjustable low pass filter. This means that it is automatically connected to the car radio, without an amplifier, unlike passive car subwoofers, which do not have amplification.

Car subwoofer power
Subwoofer power is expressed in RMS watts. The higher it is, the more enjoyable the musical experience will be. Optimal listening can be achieved with a subwoofer power equivalent to 150W. There is no need to switch to higher power, unless you are a professional or looking for perfection in performance.

Subwoofer impedance
Impedance is the resistance of the box to allow electrical current to flow. It plays a role in the quality of the music. For speakers and loudspeakers, the impedance is typically 8 ohms; on a car subwoofer, an average of 4 ohms.

Subwoofer compatibility with car audio system
One of the important characteristics when buying a subwoofer is its compatibility with the rest of the car’s audio system: it is important that all the elements are compatible, otherwise you will not be able to listen to music!

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