Do you have a dent in your car?

As soon as a dent appears on your car, it immediately looks old and worn. This affects the value of your car, as well as your own feeling that the car is no longer quite perfect. If you want to dent your car yourself, there are a few methods that you can easily use at home. However, be careful: if you are not a handyman or are unsure of what you are doing, you can exacerbate the consequences. You can use the body repair service at

Do you have a dent in your car?

If you have a big enough dent on your car, you can purchase a dent repair kit to fix it. This is not cheap, but then you will have the right equipment for repairs.

Do the following: Attach one or more cylinders to or around the ledge. You will then use your set of tools, specially designed for the task, to «push» the dent out and fix it.

The alternative is to do the same with the bits of wood that stick to the dent, but you still need the right adhesive that dissolves easily after use and doesn’t leave marks on the body paint.

1. Cupping method

Take the plunger from the toilet and gently press it on the ledge, then pull. You may need to try several times to be successful.

Before installing the suction cup, make sure it is clean and apply lubricant to the edges that come into contact with the body so that it can be easily removed.

2. Hair dryer method

Metal expands and contracts as the temperature changes. Not the usual small temperature fluctuations of everyday weather, but in extreme temperatures you can work wonders.

For this to work on dents, you will need to heat the metal in the dent to the highest possible temperature without damaging the paint, then immediately cool it to the lowest possible temperature.

You will need to use a hair dryer first and then spray «something very cold» on the bud. A compressed air sprayer should help.

After a few tries, the dent should flatten out again, either on its own or with light tapping around the perimeter to push the metal away.

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